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TS3 Product Information
The Micro TS3 is suitable for cars, light commercial vehicles and minibuses, with a detection range from 16 ft. to 1-2 inches & accurate to within 5cm. The installation is quick and easy. The kit comes complete with 3 sensors for the rear bumper or tailgate and an 8-bit microprocessor pre-programmed with ICS (intelligent control system)

See what makes the Talking Sensors superior over all other reverse sensor technologies.

"Echolocation" vs "Competition"

What is Echolocation?

'echolocation', a sophisticated sonar system as used by marine, navy and military applications

installation team is ready to come to your home, office or dealer to install the worlds first & only talking backup sensors on your Car, Truck, SUV, RV, Big Rig, Bus or Limo.

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PORON'S latest and most advanced award winning automatic reversing system 'TELLS' the driver in a clear voice the distance remaining behind the car as it reverses. As you engage reverse gear you hear a "bleep" from the speaker inside your vehicle to inform you the reversing aid is activated, then as you reverse, it 'TELLS' you the distance between your vehicle and any hazard to the rear down to the inch.

The Poron micro TS series reversing aids use 'echolocation', a sophisticated sonar system as used by marine, navy and military applications. In each application the sonar is calibrated for the most likely and effective purpose for which it was designed to perform.

No other system can actually 'see' 3 dimensional objects other than echolocation sonar in its various forms, one of which is the Poron Vehicle Reversing Aid. The system's miniature acoustic detector transmits a modulated beam signal. This beam signal is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smoke and snow, most types of weather day and night. When the signal strikes a stationary or moving target "directly", it bounces back to the receiver and instantaneously sends the signal to the microprocessor.

A small speaker inside your car ''TELLS'' you the distance remaining as you reverse
The small CPU processor w/ "VDI" mounts in the rear of the vehicle for easy install.


  • Exclusive Patented Voice Distance Indicator (VDI) technology that literally "tells" the driver the vehicle to obstacle distance in feet / inches as the driver backs up.
  • Six zone variable tone pulse increases in intensity as the vehicle to obstacle distance decreases.
  • Echo location sonar used by the US Navy, U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Army.
  • Accurate to within +/- 2 inches.
  • Blind area alert signal.
  • 8-bit ICS Processor with 3 water and rust proof acoustic detectors.
  • Sensors that operate in all kinds of conditions. (i.e. Fog, Rain, Snow, Darkness, Bright Sun, etc)
  • Quick and easy installation with no wire cutting.
  • Includes Three-Year "Unlimited Mileage" Limited Manufacturers Warranty.